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For domestic flight, you typically should find the best fare one or two months before your trip.
For international itineraries, you should start searching for fares a bit further in advance.
Always bear in mind holidays and major events.

Have a definite booking date. Avoid picking things from Mini bars or the in room calls.

When faced with flight delays or cancellations, Know that your right varies depending on whether the situation is the airline fault (mechanical delay) or due to some uncontrollable outside force (e.g storm). Every airline policy varies but most state that for delays or cancellations within the airline’s control, passengers are entitled to be rebooked on the next available flight or possibly transferred to another carrier, receive a refund or get a voucher.

It depends on your risk appetite but if you a traveling to some certain destinations,
have a medical condition or traveling to remote places the it is advisable to take an insurance.

Make sure you are booking with a reputable tour operator like

What is PSS?

Pay Small Small is designed to help customers overcome travel cost uncertainty by locking down current costs with as little as 10% while the balance is paid in convenient installments before travel. PSS offers customers flexible repayment plans, and access to early bird rates and requires no collateral or credit checks.

PSS is developed by Kalabash, a financial technology services company that is focused on developing innovative payment solutions across multiple sectors

  • No collateral Needed-We are not going to ask you for any collateral
  • Zero Credit Checks- Your Credit history doesn’t matter
  • Access to “Early Bird” prices- Get notified of the best prices, before anyone else
  • Flexible Repayment Plans- Choose a repayment method that best suits you.

It depends. Visa requirements vary greatly by country. Check the embassy website of the country you
plan to visit to see if you need a visa and speak to our consultants for help.

For domestic flights, aim to be at the airport 2 hours before departure. For international flights,
be there at least 3 hours early. This ensures you have plenty of time to get through lines for
checking bags, security, passport control, etc.

You’ll need a valid passport that’s good for at least 6 months beyond the dates of your trip. Also have
any necessary visas for the countries you’re visiting. Contact those countries’ embassies to confirm

Exchange $100-200 into the local currency when you arrive. This helps you have cash on hand for
small purchases, taxis, tips, etc. Use ATMs or your credit/debit card for additional funds as needed.

Tipping customs and expectations differ widely between countries. Check online resources to see
average tip amounts for hotels, taxis, tour guides, restaurants, etc. in your destination. When in doubt, a
10-15% tip is usually suitable.

Health and vaccination requirements differ by region. Check with your doctor, travel health specialist,
or resources like the CDC website about recommended vaccinations and health precautions for your
destination at least 6-8 weeks before departure. Also speak to your consultant.

Typical hotel packages bundle accommodation, return airport transfer, visa, flight tickets, excursions
and any other amenities and services

Sometimes yes. Contact your consultant at wakanow Holidays for assistance

Hotel packages tend to offer discounted pricing compared to purchasing accommodation, transfers,
activities etc. individually. Take a close look at all the inclusions and math to determine overall value.
Packages offer convenience too.

Many family-friendly resorts and hotels offer tailored packages including accommodations, meal
options suitable for a range of ages, access to kid-centric attractions and entertainment, and often child
care or babysitting services. Inquire with family resorts with us.

Prices and availability for hotel packages shift over time. There is always a promotional offer on

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28-Jul-24   5PM Depart Miami United State
29-Jul-24   12AM Cruise Cruising Cruising
30-Jul-24   10AM Dock Roatan Bay Islands Honduras
30-Jul-24   6PM Depart Roatan Bay Islands Honduras
31-Jul-24   8PM Dock Harvest Caye Belize
31-Jul-24   5PM Depart Harvest Caye Belize
01-Aug-24   8PM Dock Coasta Maya Mexico
01-Aug-24   5PM Depart Coasta Maya Mexico
02-Aug-24   8PM Dock Cozumel Mexico
02-Aug-24   6PM Depart Cozumel Mexico
03-Aug-24   12PM Cruise Cruising Cruising
04-Aug-24   7PM Arrive -Dock Miamai United State

Package Inclusions

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Travel Insurance


  • 27 restaurants
  • Aqua Park
  • Arts & Crafts classes
  • Basketball Court
  • Bliss Ultra Lounge
  • Box Office
  • Breakaway Casino
  • Breakaway Theater
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Climbing Wall
  • Comedy Performances
  • Deck Parties
  • Entourage Teen Lounge - Kids Club
21-Jul-24   5PM Depart Piraeus Athens Greece
22-Jul-24   8PM Dock Rhodes Greece
22-Jul-24   6PM Depart Rhodes Greece
23-Jul-24   8PM Dock Bodrum Turkey
23-Jul-24   6PM Depart Bodrum Turkey
24-Jul-24   7PM Dock Mykonos Greece
24-Jul-24   9PM Depart Mykonos Greece
25-Jul-24   7PM Dock Heraklion Crete Greece
25-Jul-24   6PM Depart Heraklion Crete Greece
26-Jul-24   8PM Tender Santorini Island Greece
26-Jul-24   9PM Depart Santorini Island Greece
27-Jul-24   7PM Tender Paros Greece
27-Jul-24   6PM Depart Paros Greece
28-Jul-24   7PM Arrive -Dock Piraeus Athens Greece

Package Inclusions

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Travel Insurance


  • 20 dining options, dining aboard Norwegian is about having choices.
    Enjoy delicious comfort foods as well as more exotic choices from our many complimentary dining options.
  • Aqua Park
  • Getaway Casino
  • Headliners Comedy Club
  • Vibe Beach Club
08-Jun-24   4PM Depart Orlando- Beaches-Port Canaveral United States
09-Jun-24   12PM Cruise Cruising Cruising
10-Jun-24   8PM Arrive - Dock Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
10-Jun-24   4PM Depart Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
11-Jun-24   11PM Arrive - Dock St Croix United States
11-Jun-24   7PM Depart St Croix United States
12-Jun-24   6PM Arrive - Dock San Juan United States
12-Jun-24   3PM Depart San Juan United States
13-Jun-24   12PM Cruise Cruising Cruising
14-Jun-24   10AM Arrive - Tender Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas
14-Jun-24   6PM Depart Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas
15-Jun-24   9PM Arrive - Dock Orlando- Beaches-Port Canaveral United States

Package Inclusions

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Travel Insurance


  • 16 restaurants
  • Aerobics
  • Arts & Crafts classes
  • Basketball/Volleyball/Tennis Courts
  • Behind the Scenes Tour*
  • Chess
  • Cinema
  • ComedyPerformances
  • Dance Classes
  • Deck Games
  • Deck Parties